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Weight increase

Weight increase due to hormonal problems

Most of the women in their lives, too dislike hormonal problem. Because women have sudden mood fluctuation, increased appetite and weight gain in most cases is the hormone responsible for the problem. Many women may not know that the only reason for the increase in weight is a lot of hormones. So here you will tell about hormone which 6 buttocks, waist, abdomen, arm and other places more weight and is responsible for the creation of excess fat. A recent study has shown that these Premenstrual syndrome (PMS), pregnancy, Menopause, or in connection with the daily stress.

Studies have shown that the desire to eat more, weight loss, metabolism and hormones to women linked to each other. So women’s biological cycle and hormone have a great impact in their daily lives. If you do not know what’s under the influence of hormones that women’s weight gain:

1.Cortisol hormones: These hormones are called stress hormones. Many of the women Cortisol is a stress hormone, in the midst of a number of hunger increases, thereby increasing the amount of food intake resulting in increase body weight. So whenever you are not dependent on food will increase stress and try to handle it in a different way. Walk a little bit, if possible, and to stand in the open air to cool.

2.Testosterone Hormones: Many women Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) suffer from it. The disease is seen as a sign of excessive weight gain, and in the face of dozens of unwanted hair spread to the muscle clotting. These may be due to increase levels of the hormone testosterone. However, through proper diet and living with this problem can be tackled.

3.Estrogen hormone: This is one of the many hormones that are responsible for the growth of women’s weight. During Menopause reduces women’s levels of the hormone estrogen as a result of their increased weight, especially abdominal fat increases around.

4.Insulin hormones : Insulin and high levels of female hormones in the body, is one of the reasons for their weight gain. Because of insulin the body responsible for controlling sugar and fat.

5.Progesterone hormone : A hormone which helps to increase the body weight of women is the hormone progesterone. When the hormone levels began to decline when women step Menopause. As a result, the body’s tendency to increase water retention and increased body fat.

6.Thyroid Hormones : If a woman suffering from Hypothyroidism As a result, however, will increase body fat. It must have felt tired, the skin becomes dry and constipation may occur. However, if a lot of the problems facing the animal’s well-being.

So this is the right time for aware hormonal problems and also consult a doctor for a good health and also avoid the extra weight.

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