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The Best way for weigh loss

What you see today is not the victim of overweight? Because many people are suffering from extra obesity and they thought her fat increasing day by day for taking food but this is not the main cause. There have some of the different reason.Those people doing an another mistake, it is weighed and they weigh her weight wrong way.
adipose reduction, control, or increase the need for regular obesity measurements

Weighing one kind at a time when someone comes to obesity so we need to know when and how they should be measured by fat

1. Weigh standard rules:

The ideal time to measure the weight of the morning on an empty stomach. Do not eat any food or drink or do not eat breakfast and tea
And recovering the bathroom empty stomach
At that time, the light adipose low will. There is nothing all night without eating because of your stomach.
If possible, should be measured without clothes, because there is some weight cloth.
Not every day, once a week is enough weight map.
Once a week, on a specific day and time, fat scale.
The same conditions all the time, measure the obesity of the device.

2. Do not measure the weight off:

Do not measure fat by eating full belly.
Do not eat a lot of water obesity measure.
Heavy clothes and shoes did not measure.
Not every measure. You may be troubled because of your weight change .because due to the fat of any one kind may come a day. But if you are overweight varies depending on how the day comes that you want to be, but every day to measure.
After the exercise, do not measure the weight, because then you have to drink a lot of water, a lot of air into the body, so the weight can vary.
Eaten over the day, party ate, ate fast food, do not measure the weight of the day or the next day | because more obesity than diet food due to excessive salt can come.

3. Women during menstruation can not measure the adipose because the body of excess water that comes, can come as a result of overweight.
Your fat may stay the same for a long time, it was not because of the troubled Search | like somebody decreased body fat, increased muscle that can have the same adipose. the shape of the body is Notice.
A device to measure the obesity of the carpet, or should not be on the mat. Place directly on the floor.

4. However, some cases are not clear in the morning, the stomach, or eat at midnight, but the obesity would not come in the morning, just as, or more than the adipose of the other may come. then, just when the day comes that your obesity Notice.

Increase the obesity, or want to reduce the fat of the Measure on a regular basis once a week. at least a month, if that is not possible: Measure once. If your goal weight, you can change the dimensions.

I have seen many people start a diet or exercise within a few days to a few weight scale every day, and went on to become unstable. In that case, at least a little patience: Wait two weeks or a month, and the weight of the Measure.

In addition to BMI in weight, the amount of fat, Body Measurement, etc. on a regular basis to measure.

How to achieve the ideal weight for your body to learn how to and

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