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Posted on September 03, 2016

So many of us want to burn fat is very fast. Think, Ish! If you could quickly reduce fat, then what you would like. If the body shed that extra weight, sari or dress would have been better, to own and to others. Either way, if you want to listen to. And it certainly is not any way-of-service. Today I’ll let this thing.

With regard to fat burning, two can share the title. One exercise or exercise, other diet control. If these two can be adjusted, if the desired goal can be achieved.

A) Physical exercise:

I do not exercise every day. 4 days a week is sufficient. Small exercises, which can be used without any kind of this free-hand exercises are very beneficial.

1) Quick walking

I always heard about the walk. Walking quickly to reduce fat, but will bring a little diversity. Go to the first 5 minutes of warm-up, then pause for 30 seconds, 30 seconds Walk slowly. Thus, to be several times. 0 minutes at first, then gradually up to 50 minutes to 1 hour. These exercises can reduce weight up to 13 pounds in 1 month.

2) Push up

This exercise is very familiar to us. Hose down on hands and body weight, Takedown once again takes over. Once you get used to it over three times on one leg, the other leg raised in the next three to push up.

3) Standing Bird Dog exercise

Understand the name, how to exercise. First, the right to stand on his feet, then bring the left foot up to the chest slowly. After two seconds left on the back foot, and hold both hands up. It’s the end of the exercise with the left foot on the right foot.

2 And No. 3 in the two months of exercise can reduce weight up to two pounds.

4) Barapi exercise

Together the two legs, two hands, raise overhead. Keep hands and then slowly lowered to the ground, both hands, both feet, both sides. The left leg extended behind, then the right foot behind the left foot before the increase. Take both hands above his head and then stood up again. Make this a few times.

5) Side Planck

The right hand and right leg, leaning on whether your body up into the air, for example, shoulders, waist and legs are on the same line. Raise the top of the left hand. After a while, switch to side.

B) Food habit:

1) Green tea :

Green tea, more or less everybody knows about. There is no pair of shed excess fat. The rate does not increase the accumulation of excess fat metabolism.


Iron deficiency is the lack of oxygen. The rate of metabolism decreases. It is very important to eat iron. Shaker peanut, banana are rich in iron. If necessary, iron tablets, and can be eaten.

3) water

I can not live without water, but the water and reduces the weight, many people may not know it. Now a day as you drink more than one drink a day and a half liter, but it is possible to burn extra calories a year, 17.400.

4) Dairy milk food:

curdled milk and food will eat more. It contains calcium, which plays an important role in fat burning. Avoid the sugar.

5) Fish:

Eat more fish, because fish ate leptin decreased levels of the hormone. If there is a higher proportion of fat than leptin hormone.

6) Peanut butter:

Was surprised to think, or why you want to eat at? It is the butter has plenty of magnesium. And because of your metabolism rate and increased. If you wish, and you just might eat peanuts. 320 milligrams of magnesium per day is enough.

7) Breakfast:

Many people shed fat you’ve eaten in the morning. It is not never. Decreases in the rate of metabolism in the morning playing. Therefore, burn fat, and are not.

8) Protein:

Protein foods to eat something during the week. It increases the rate of metabolism.

9) starch:

Avoid foods starch. Refined flour, white rice, potatoes Avoid them. Brown can eat flour. Carbohydrates can not be excluded. Will meet the needs of carbohydrate vegetables, pulses, flour Brown from them.

C) Other

Comply with the rules will be more quickly shed the fat and excess fat to accumulate not. For example,

1) If your metabolism rate is low, the doctor’s help. Be sure to check your thyroid gland.

2) Avoid stress as much as you can. The stress hormone cortisol leads to conditions. Increases appetite, metabolism rate. If the storage fat. So always be happy, if necessary, can meditation.

3) daily to eat foods that they eat at times that do not take it little by little. This will be your brake stall, then increase your metabolism rate and will be. With a routine that you can follow. For example,

  • 8am – breakfast
  • 11am – light snacks
  • 1pm – lunch
  • 4pm – light meal
  • 9 pm – Dinner
  • 10 pm / 11 pm – a glass of milk.

Thus, your routine can make your choice formula. Please note, these morning routines were more menus. Sleep all night because of the metabolism rate is very low.

4) Adequate sleep

If you do not have enough sleep increases stress hormone and insulin levels. And decreased metabolism rate. Get enough sleep so regular practice.

Thus, you can easily lose the excess fat and if you get more easy way for weight loss system please click here……






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