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How to weight loss fast and quickly

weight loss

We all want to be beautiful but we don’t know how to weight loss fast and quickly. I want to stay healthy. But the basic rule, shortage of time, our laziness, apathy all the time, it was not altogether his own home. But privacy is important to keep yourself fit. Just do not lose your excess adipose, physical beauty but also raises fears of a variety of diseases. On the other hand, also presents itself as an artistic subject of his own. So be nice to yourself to always keep your adipose under control.

Our obesity is a major health problem. The beauty of his mental state means extra adipose and become wasted. Belly fat is not the only reason to eat more, it is a disease. Eating more than the amount of energy deposited in the body of obese people is if you do not use it properly. The wind conditions are fat, some are believed to be common. However, permanent weight loss requires time and effort. However, the matter will be determined and a way of life must be made to comply with the rest of my life. First, you make sure you are doing it right and you really want to change forever. Someone will not reduce your adipose Rather, the pressure around the nearest thing you could worse. However, you can receive food and exercise programs will overcome all


What is extra weight ?

weight loss

Extra weight or belly fat would be called only when the amount of body fat will increase. The total weight of the fat stored in the human body is about 14 percent. Belly fat when body weight is not the case at all. More than 14 percent of the total weight of the body when a person is a fat That’s call corpulence.

How is extra weight birth in our body

The main reason behind the belly fat of the body, the more calories you need to eat more food to eat. The body needs food, the excess is deposited in fat cells in the body. Some of the fat accumulated in the body should be required to supply power. But the more fat will be deposited as soon as obesity.

Overweight Cause

  1. Bad habits
  2. Life style
  3. Genes
  4. Alcohol habits
  5. Overindulge on weekends
  6. Drinking extra calories
  7. Junk Foods
  8. Food Addiction
  9. Sugar Consumption Has Skyrocketed
  10. People Don’t Burn as Many Calories When Working

1. Bad habits

A. Bad habits : In our daily life we use our some habits it is right but when we use our bad habits in our daily life it is harmful our human body. Today I’ll introduce you to some of the bad habits and It’s caused corpulence problem.

B. Skipping breakfast : It is a big mistake and bad habits for us because you’ve fasted all-night. Your body wants fuel, and your metabolism needs to be jump-started with avoid this bad habits.

C. You order the combo pack meal : A combo pack meal order is another bad habits because combo pack meal have 3 or 4 type food and when we take more food we gain more calorie so we avoid this we only order piecemeal.

D. Eating in front of the TV or computer : TV to see if we unwittingly eat more devour. And it is because of our attention to the TV. Long before the stomach may be full, but still just do not eat the food in front of it. It is called – mindless calorie consumption so tries to avoid this if you do not gain belly fat.

D. You don’t drink enough water : Enough water intake is necessary for all your body’s activities, and the more you drink, the better your possibility of staying thin and it also help reduce your corpulence In one university of utah recharge, dieting participants who were advised to drink two cups of water before each meal lost 30 percent more weight than their ambitious companion. And you can hatch the effect by include ice. Now carry this good habits and avoid this bad habits.

E. low-protein : Carb diet has plenty of those on the list will be to increase their adipose So all the things to eat moderately. Other dishes to eat protein because protein plays in your body will burn more calories to digest it. Seafood and chicken skin enough protein to eat as well as you can.

F. Not to use stairs : Nowadays, home, office, market place due to the elevator to the second floor to climb up the ladder does not use them. This practice is slowly leaving us idle. So many small things we can keep our weight under control. For example, use the stairs, went somewhere to live, not to take a rickshaw to walk to practice.

F.Less than walking : walking to lose adipose there is no alternative. And walk not only reduce fat, reduce the risk of heart disease. Depression or heart and mind will be reduced a lot. But due to the technology that we’re too lazy to go 5 minutes on the road with the car.If we do not want to be obesity entitled to leave the habit.

G. Eating big plates : We usually do not take as long as a plate of food on our plate is not full. If the plate is too large for our body when it is enough to recommend drinking half of it, but we think that is enough to eat half a plate? So there is a whole plate full of food. Do not eat big plates, small plates so that the habit of eating. It is better if you can eat a plate of 8.5 to 10-inch diameter.

H.Liquid Calories intake more : We are almost out of the house without the water instead of juice, soft drinks rely on. If you drink water instead of soft drinks from the outside it is rarely seen. They are not playing so we have a lot of time to fill the additional devour them. But these are fewer in number but plenty of calories. As a result, those who drink every day or frequently the fat began to increase rapidly.

2. Life style

Life style is an another important part of obesity because when you abide by a healthy life style you should stay a healthy life but you broke this life style rule you suffer this extra adipose so try to make a healthy life style.

  1. Making some kind of physical activity part of your daily routine
  2. Eating healthy foods.
  3. Drinking only moderate amounts of alcohol
  4. Carry a daily routine
  5. Avoid junk food

3. Genes

Genes impact every aspect of human anatomy development, and acclimatization. corpulence is no exception. Yet comparatively little is known pertaining the specific genes that contribute to obesity and the scale of so-called “genetic-environment interactions” the complex interplay between our genetic makeup and our life experiences.

4. Alcohol habits

That person who devours an obsessive quantity of alcohol can cause a great deal of harm to their mental and physical health. This viscose can Feint as a toxin in the body and can begin to shatter ever body, part. The other problem with alcohol misuse is that it often leads to obesity and this make further health problems for the separate. It is, therefore, essential that people learn to moderate their alcoholic intake or quit altogether.

5. Overindulge on weekends

Professionals from the last day of the week looking forward to the day that causes a bad day, it can be said for those who are diet because the other is a little more than usual these days causes people to eat on the weekend at the night club and drinks a lot of that quantity thereby increasing the level of calories and the obesity suffer as a result. Especially those in their diet should avoid the weekend to avoid the aforementioned work.

6. Junk food

Junk is a key to belly fat because when you take the lot off junk food in not give you. Junk Food is a kind of food with calories and low in nutrients, many of which are associated with this junk food causes most people to accept is that the accumulation of excess fat in the body. So who took the extra junk food so they should not be avoided in the near future is waiting for them in serious condition.

7. Food Addiction

Food is an essential element for the human body, which is made in the body, and the body fat increases, but no extra food addiction is not desirable for the body to be counterproductive. Additional food addiction extra weight’s main reason. This will bring additional dangers in food habits that you can not imagine. Food addiction can occur as a result of various diseases in the body, such as Blood pressure, diabetic, heart problem of food addiction So should we give up our lives to be cured.

8. Sugar Consumption Has Skyrocket:

Are looking for people who do not eat sugar can not be found easily. But as we do not like to eat sugar, why, it’s that everyone knows what has hurt rather than health benefits. The amount of bad cholesterol in the body than sugar consumption increases. And decreases good cholesterol. Sugar can increase the weight. So those who are belly fat, their sugar intake is avoided. Eating too much sugar can increase the risk of diabetes. In addition, sugar is harmful to people of all ages. A number of damages so much, you know what? If you can not see from the outside is more understood, but several serious incidents occur inside the body, which is not very good for your health. Please note that extra sugar is eaten in an hour what changes our body.

0-15 Minutes

Eating too much sugar (more than the total of 90 daily), starting from the moment when the next 15 minutes until the sugar may face. The sugar was caught in the mouth of the bacteria that creates acid. This acid is very harmful to tooth enamel.

15-30 Minutes

From the stomach into the small intestine to break down the sugar glucose and sucrose made. It goes to our bloodstream. Our pancreas secretes insulin to manage blood glucose so that glucose is made from energy.

The power supply tries to muscle in our body. But as a result of high sugar intake can actually transform the power of the full body. As a result, excessive fat deposited as part of the liver or liver us.

And so the sugar and energy between our bodies threw a lot of stress. It is made of a reaction adrenaline. Kartisala and epinephrine move bloodstream, it increases our heart rate. As a result, during this period can be quite Sweat

30-45 Minutes

Increased blood pressure. Increases dopamine levels in the brain. The sugar high, the physical and mental instability.

What is more important than the sugar crash. When the circulation of blood in our body is out of the sugar, the sugar can be seen in a crash. As a result, blood glucose levels to less fatigue and body mass.

After 45 Minutes

So far, due to fluctuations in hormone levels in the body’s immune system effects. Temporarily weakens the body to fight against various infections.

9. Lack of Nutrients

People is fat the only meal that lasts, but it is not correct. In the absence of adequate nutrients the body, the body becomes a lot of fat. Vitamin D, magnesium, iron, etc., the body becomes weak due to lack of material. Because of this vulnerability, when someone else has the power to do physical labor. As a result, manual labor is the lack of body fat.

10. Living and working away from idle

Weight plays a very important role in the growth of lazy walk. Currently, 60 percent of the world’s poor do not exercise or work. Transport is responsible for the mechanical work and at home, such as preparations for a variety of wireless televisions, computers, washing machines, freezers, etc.. Children walking off the field, playground and more TV cartoon show a lack of the role in this regard.

The side effects of extra weight

Weight Loss

Health is wealth. The quality of the healthy body and healthy mind and peace of mind. Adipose control is a key issue in the case of physical recovery. But the machine is working, and uncontrolled eating habits as a result of today’s society, a large percentage of belly fat or Obesity suffering. Apparently, it did not seem to be any disease, but it is a major cause of serious diseases

1. Heart disease : Excess weight increases our blood LDL (bad) cholesterol levels and increased HDL (good) cholesterol levels decreased. As a result, increases blood pressure and heart disease occurs.

2.Stroke : Excess body fat increases the risk of stroke many times. Excess body fat increases the body’s bad cholesterol levels, hampering the work of the heart is normal. Stroke, which increases the possibility.

3. High blood pressure : Overweight people than usual risk of high blood pressure can increase many folds. As a result of the overweight and cardiovascular health to overwork occurs as a result of high blood pressure. corpulence increases the blood levels of bad cholesterol. As a result, the walls of blood vessels become thick and stiff. Also, may increase blood pressure.

4.Type II diabetes : Type II diabetes, the body produces corpulence. This is a disease in which blood glucose levels are not essential to production. A premature death such as diabetes, kidney problems may even cause blindness.

5. Kidney Problems : High blood pressure and diabetes, the leading cause of kidney disease. Slightly higher blood pressure (pre-hypertension) or excess blood sugar (pre-diabetes), kidney damage. It becomes even kidneys become damaged. According to the body fat is important to maintain. overweight is caused when the body of excess waste material. The kidneys filter waste products and excess laborare over. Moreover, due to the corpulence, diabetes and high blood pressure can increase the chances. As a result, the risk of kidney stones.So adipose control is one way to stay free from kidney problems.

6.Fatty liver problems : Fat or fat in the liver that fatty liver is. Excess body weight, excess fat in the blood, diabetes, fatty liver, Etc.The main reason for the lack of insulin. The disease is caused due to the corpulence and uncontrolled diet. As a result of liver cirrhosis, liver cancer caused increased risk of heart disease.

7. Cancer : As a result of excess fat can be a deadly disease to cancer. For colon cancer, breast cancer (Menopause later) The uterus and kidney cancer Esophageal cancer increases with the extra weight involved.

8.Snoring : Sleep apnea or sleep problem because of the excessive fat gain. As a result of the increase in the adipose of the palate, the tongue muscles become relaxed than usual. This problem is caused.

28 ways to lose weight permanently

1. The permanent weight loss exercise for 30-60 minutes every day.
2. There are not many people are trying to reduce fat is to eat the wrong things. Eat a small amount of time every day to eat for lose weight fast. Do not be eaten.
3. Per meal time to keep fruits or vegetables. They will help you to lose weight fast.
4. Measure the fat of his own day you’ll realize how successful weight loss challenge.
5. Use a food diary for a diet plan that you have.
6. The first home for reducing fat to remove all kinds of unhealthy foods.
7. Keep the house always nutrient and healthy food.
8. Make plans with friends for any physical activity. It will also serve society. For example – the area cleaned.
9. Do not eat out of home eating habits. To reduce the fat of the outer skip meals.
10. Serving Bowl at the plate in the manner of eating Eat Buffet.
11. Keep a list of daily tasks, which will help you to permanent weight loss exercise
12. Do not eat when you watching tv
13. Do not eat from the pitcher or container, if it is not possible to eat in moderation. Pitcher or container to skip eating for reducing fat.
14. Make physical activity before eating. There is no substitute for physical activity to reduce fat.
15. High Fiber or fiberbread and breakfast. It is very effective for reducing fat.
16. Pedometer use, every day of how much you can learn by doing, or how many steps taken to overcome the distance. Pedometer Click here to learn more about something you do will help you reduce fat permanently.
17. Walk 30 minutes a day. Walking for reducing fat is very important.
18. Please list the preferred junk food and eat them once a week or twice a modest amount.
19. Active as you lose weight and keep in touch with a friend who is involved.
20. Wear blue clothing. The blue color of the food consumed by the taste.
21. Remove the bread from the table a large plate.
22. Do not wear large or loose clothing.
23. Success is coming out regularly use a mirror.
24. Make a habit of reading food labels before buying a packet. Fat Or High Cholesterol refrain from buying foods. This will help you lose weight fast.
25. Increase the amount of calcium in the diet for reducing fat. This will help you to reduce your taste.
26. Do not eat butter or spicy food.
27. Various types of physical activity for reducing fat work, and your whole body Work-Up and Coordination will reduce body weight
28. By using recumbent bike also possible to get loss weight permanently.

More 10 way to weight loss

Weight loss